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Weekly Mailbag: Changes

Georgia State athletics enters the last month officially as an FCS team in the CAA and will enter the Sun Belt on July 1st. As always, there are plenty notes, quotes and thoughts on the Panthers as the temperature rises outside. We thank everyone for their submissions to our weekly mailbag and here are a few of the entries.

What are some clear differences with coaching staff changes? - E from Atlanta

First things first, Coach Miles and Coach Curry are not that different. Both are tough minded, discipline first guys who push their players to be the very best on the field, in the classroom and in life. I have noticed three differences since December from Coach Miles:

#1 - Recruiting - Inside - Out - The previous coaching staff started outside of the state and offered players then used May, June and July to recruit Georgia. Coach Miles has focused on Georgia and as he discussed on National Signing Day, each of his coaches hit each and every single high school this Spring resulting in 3 verbal commits.

#2 - Size, Size, Size - While it may be slightly unfair because Curry's staff was aiming for FCS, Coach Miles is preaching getting bigger. His recruits are bigger, he wants his players at every position bigger and fully ready for FBS competition.

#3 Coaching Staff Flexibility - Whether it was experience (or lack thereof) or stubbornness, the previous coaching staff tried to fit round pegs into square holes. The scheme that the team ran in Year 1 and Year 2 defensively was simply ill fitting. Offensively, it went from bad to worse. This staff looks content to use what they have to be flexible in both play calling and willingness to use the current roster's strength.

Will there be a list of the guys who came out of our camps with an offer who did not have one before? I know you can scroll through the Player Timeline on the front page of PT, but a single thread with a listing would be nice. - GSUPanther96

First and foremost, Ryan G will be putting a post together on the camps and responses from various attendees (just a hint: it's been really, really positive). Another feature that I'd urge you to check out is the Timeline section. It gives real time updates on football and basketball prospects with Georgia State interest. You can also get a list of football targets HERE.

Who has taken over James Greenwell's job? - GSUInAtlanta

No one to date has filled his role and I'm not sure why. It's absolutely vital to have someone who can serve as liason to other departments on campus, contact potential non-conference opponents in football and serve as a strategic planner. The losses of Tiffany Daniels and Greenwell coupled with with "restructuring" and rumored "budget cuts" and it leads to very concerned Panther fans. We wrote in 2010 and again in 2011 that an FBS invite would come but we just needed to be ready.

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