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Weekly Mailbag: Expectations

Georgia State athletics is a bit off the news cycle at this point as the games on the field have ceased but we never stop bringing you the latest notes, quotes and thoughts on the Panthers. We thank all the submissions to our first weekly mailbag and here are a few of the entries.

Jeff Schultz's piece in the AJC on Sunday was kind of devastating and had me reaching for my Pepto Bismol. What did you think of the interview and are you as down as Schultz is on the program? - J in Kennesaw.

Hopefully your stomach has recovered from Sunday. I thought the piece was well done overall. There was plenty of fair criticism of both our previous coaching staff, athletic department and the talent accumulated. I will say this: I think there is hope in this program now.

Coach Trent Miles and his coaching staff have created buzz around this program in the five weeks prior to signing day and exiting Spring football on the recruiting trail. I think there will be impact players joining the program next week when the true Freshman arrive for workouts. On the field success will come and fans will need to adjust expectations.

Q: What conference will the Men's soccer team be playing in, and if there is not a conference affiliation for this upcoming season, then what is the long term plan or is there even a plan? - R in Florida

Nothing had been stated publicly until today's release and as expected Coach Brett Surrency's bunch will compete as an independent in 2013-14. This is a tremendous uphill climb and winning games and counting on an impressive RPI will be the only shot to grab an at-large birth.

At this point, I do not believe there are active discussions going on for a long term home and this is very difficult for the program. Continuing to compete as independent is just not sustainable long term and not in the best interest of the program.

How long is baseball coach Greg Frady under contract? - P in Duluth

Coach Frady will enter the final year of his contract on June 30th. I've asked if an extension is being worked on a received no comment from athletics. He has been here nine years and taken the program to unreal heights considering the facilities in which he is playing. The talent will be there next Spring to not only compete immediately in a loaded Sun Belt but make a serious run at another NCAA tournament birth. He needs a contract extension this summer, in my opinion, to effectively recruit.

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