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QB Q&A And Practice Recap

After the response from the last article on the quarterback competition it seemed only right that we keep the debate going, as we get closer to the first game. At Media Day we got a chance to ask the quarterbacks themselves about the competition and other topics as well. The QBs also threw the ball around a little at the first practice of the season, which we got a chance to check out. Now Panthers fans let the debate begin…again!

At Media Day we asked Coach Trent Miles how long he and the staff would wait before naming a starting Quarterback? He replied, “When someone steps up and wins the job. It could be in four days, next week from or the end of the season. We will see as it goes. Hopefully someone steps up takes the reigns of the team and runs with it”.

Quotes from QBs & Reviews from the First Practice

Clay Chastain

Q: How has the transition been to this new offensive scheme at GSU from your old offense at Georgia Military College?
A: It has been a bit different, especially with what I need to know going onto the field. I need to know everyone’s responsibilities not just my own. But the film room has helped a lot.

Q: How has the team responded to you being the new guy and getting a lot of attention?
A: I don’t think I have been put on a pedestal or anything. Everyone is treating me just like the other QB’s, which is good. We’re still working hard as a group about where we need to be, and I think we’ll be there soon.

Q: How the competition going? How’s your relationship with the other QBs going?
A: It’s been good. I like the guys a lot. They are good people. They know how this game is, and are encouraging me just as much as I would myself. We’re just trying to get this team where it needs to be.

First Practice performance: Remember fans this is just the first practice, but it was an up and down day for Chastain. As expected there were timing issues with the receivers and few throws that the defense made good plays on. His demeanor at the line of scrimmage was quite impressive. Clay has a big voice, and could be seen carefully examining the defense in front of him and working hard on his pre-snap reads.

Ben McLane

Q: What is you impression of the new offense compared to what the team ran last year?
A: Some of the concepts are the same and some have been also very different. It’s going to be really fun to play in people will definitely see a difference.

Q: What are you personal expectations?
A: I expect improvements personally. Having played a full year and taking the good with the bad. It all helps. Sometime the bad even more so, which is not much fun but it helps you grow.

Q: How’s the quarterback competition going and has it affected your relationship with the rest of the QBs?
A: We have a healthy competition going on. We’re all friends, but in the end we all wanna play. That can mix the lines sometimes, but we know it just a competition and that the best guy is going to play.

First Practice performance: Ben looked in great shape. The ball was coming out of his hand with some authority and several times he hit receivers in stride perfectly, but there were some drops. His decision-making was good, but most of his throws were to check downs and short routes.

Ronnie Bell - QB

Q: Your impressions on Coach Jags and the new offense, and difference in what you guys ran last year?
A: Coach Jags is very knowledgeable and smart. We know that he knows what he’s talking about and we just try to sit back, listen and perform how he wants us to.

Q: How has the QB competition been so far? Has it affected your relationship with Ben or Clay?
A: It’s been good. We all have a good relationship and in the meeting room we are all one family and help each other out, but we know at the end of the day it’s who coach thinks is best on the field.

Q: What are your expectations for this offense this season?
A: To compete and bust it out there on the field and win every play we can.

First Practice performance: Ronnie had some really good throws and his receivers made some exceptional catches. There were a few overthrows to some wide-open guys, but it’s the first practice and timing is still being worked on. He had some pretty throws to deeper routes down field.

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