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Post Spring Depth Chart: Kick Game

Georgia State kicker Will Lutz. Photo Courtesy of Doug Learned.

Georgia State football is officially into the off season. The coaches are on the road recruiting trying to find prospects to fill the 2014 class (and possibly diamonds in the rough for the 2013 season) while the players finish final exams (you know, the student part of the student-athlete).

Last week, we took a look at the offense in the first part of this series. Today, we take a look at the special teams unit.

Starter - Will Lutz - Lutz was thrust into the starting placekicking duties last season as a true Freshman and performed pretty well finishing the year going 4/7 (3/3 inside 40 yards) and 18/18 on PATs.
Back Up - Matt Ehasz

Starter - Matt Hubbard - Hubbard is an NFL prospect at Punter. Plain and simple he could immediately compete for Sun Belt All-Conference honors now that his stats technically count (they didn't last season for rankings as GSU was FBS Transitional).

Kick Returner
Albert Wilson - Albert is the guy who will likely return kicks but I've maintained for two years that he's our most important offensive weapon and the additional hits as well as strain on his body need to be lessened not ramped up. In the first year of FBS play, the Panthers may be receiving kick offs a lot.
Back Up - Avery Sweeting or Kelton Hill

Punt Returner
Starter - Albert Wilson - Same rules apply here. Albert is really too valuable to be taking additional hits on punt return either.

Those are my thoughts...what are yours? What position on special teams do you feel the best about? Which position are you most concerned with?

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