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Post Spring Depth Chart: Offense

Georgia State football is officially into the off season. The coaches are on the road recruiting trying to find prospects to fill the 2014 class (and possibly diamonds in the rough for the 2013 season - we'll get to that in a minute) while the players finish final exams (you know, the student part of the student-athlete).

QB Ben McClane exits Spring as the likely starter. Will he solidify that position this summer in workouts and in the film room? Photo Courtesy of GSU Sports Communications.

In the first of a three part series (Offense, Defense, Special Teams) we will take a look at how the two-deep depth chart is looking as the calendar officially reads "Off season."

Starter - Ben McClane - McLane has a slight edge at this point simply because he has the intangibles. 9 career starts give him this advantage. He has been solid to above average this Spring. Ben is not going wow anyone but if he makes the right decision in the offense he should be the starter based on the current roster.**

**Coach Miles was quoted this week discussing QBs that he and his staff we "still recruiting." This screams to me that if the offensive staff could find another QB from the JUCO ranks or an overlooked HS guy (who may have been injured his Sr. season) or a transfer who could be immediately eligible (due to NCAA sanctions) that could come in and compete right away for the starting role.
Back Up - Clay Chastain

Running Back
Starter - Gerald Howse - Howse looked to round into shape and came on late into Spring. He is an upright runner and a guy who is not a burner but can be a solid running back. Gerald is NOT Donald Russell. He is a different runner. With above average offensive line play, Howse can be a good option at running back.

Back Up - Travis Evans

Wide Receiver
X - Albert Wilson - Albert is the most explosive weapon on this offense.
Back Up - Avery Sweeting

Y - Danny Williams - Danny, if healthy, should have a very good year. He catches everything.
Back Up - Lynquez Blair

Z - Jordan Giles - Giles, if healthy, can contribute. He's a guy that really could step up on this offense. Teams will plan for Albert, even rolling coverage his way. Giles could have one on one match ups with guys who he should be physically stronger than. He may be an X factor for this offense.
Back Up - Darren McCray

Tight End
Starter - Drew Pearson - Pearson has been slightly more consistent. Both he and Smith could play plenty as Jags likes two TE sets. Big time growth needed by Pearson this off season or he will get passed by true Freshman coming in.

Back Up - Alex Smith

Left Tackle
Starter - Ulrick John - John is beast. He has the perfect temperament to play left tackle and is a mauler. Really looking forward to see him step into a leadership role this summer in workouts and in August camp.
Back Up - Garrett Gorringe

Left Guard
Starter - Tim Wynn - Wynn is the guy I'm most concerned about. He was a highly rated recruit at center coming out of Mays HS. This off season is critical for Wynn to get better both physically and mentally. If not, he's a guy who could find himself on the bench.
Back Up - Cade Yates

Starter - Michael Davis - Davis is a guy who could be a steadying force at center. He's incredibly smart and has the experience to play center. Michael is another guy who needs a big off season to get ready for FBS level defensive tackles.
Back Up - Ronald Martin

Right Guard
Starter - Harrison Clottey - Harrison, like Davis, needs a very good summer. He is a guy who battled shoulder injuries and did not participate this Spring after getting his shoulder operated on. Will he be in shape and ready for Fall without being able to lift at full go? It's one of the positions offensively that I'm most worried about.
Back Up - Jah-Mai Davidson

Right Tackle
Starter - Grant King - Rock Steady. Started 33 straight games. Write his name in ink.
Back Up - Ramell Davis

Those are my thoughts...what are yours? What position offensively do you feel the best about? Which position are you most concerned with?

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