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Post Spring Depth Chart: Defense

Georgia State football is officially into the off season. The coaches are on the road recruiting trying to find prospects to fill the 2014 class (and possibly diamonds in the rough for the 2013 season) while the players finish final exams (you know, the student part of the student-athlete).

Georgia State defensive tackle Theo Agnew is looking to lead an improved defensive unit. Photo Courtesy of Paul Abell/Abell Images.

Yesterday, we took a look at the offense in the first part of this series. Today, we take a look at the defensive depth chart.

Strongside Defensive End
Starter - Theo Agnew - One of the most experienced defensive player on the roster, Theo has played in 31 college games and has gained quality weight and now checks in at 280lbs. That is tremendous size for a defensive end and he is versatile enough to play outside at end or move inside to tackle.
Back Up - Tanner Strickland

Defensive Tackle
Starter - Nermin Delic - The Kentucky transfer is finally eligible and will provide the size, athleticism and experience that this program lacked last season. The team found out literally the week before the opener last season that Delic would not be eligible from the NCAA because Georgia State was transitional last year. He will need to continue to get stronger but is the active type of DT that this defense needs.
Back Up - George Rogers

Nose Guard
Starter - Terrance Woodard - Woodard had an incredible year in 2012 from the noseguard spot and should be stronger this Fall. He is rounding into a legit NFL prospect and needs another good strong summer to fortify one of the strongest positions on this roster.
Back Up - Joe Lockley

Weakside Defensive End
Starter - John Kelly - Kelly has moved into an outside rush end and will not have his hand in the ground this Fall. This move certainly helped him apply more pressure to the QB through Spring. At 240lbs, he is big enough to put outside pressure but quick enough to force opposing QBs into the pocket.
Back Up - Melvin King

Outside Linebacker
Starter - Robert Ferguson - Ferguson had a pretty good camp and Coach Miles has said that he is emerging as a leader. Like Theo Agnew, Robert has played a ton of football and has the size at 230lbs to be a potential impact player this Fall.
Back Up - Allen McKay

Middle Linebacker
Starter - Joe Peterson - I may have to call Joe "Bright Lights." When the lights come on whether it's games or even live scrimmages #44 plays very well. Not an imposing physical player at 210lbs, Joe is constantly around the football and is a tackling machine. Coming off a strong true Freshman season, Joe could take another step forward and show more leadership ability at the "Mike" spot.
Back Up - Nick Henderson

Outside Linebacker
Starter - Tarris Baptiste* - The asterik here if he's eligible. Baptiste is a transfer from Indiana State but headed home to be nearer to a sick relative in the Metro Atlanta area. If experience has taught us anything with the NCAA, we will not know his status until later this summer. With that being said, Baptiste is a very quick linebacker who has played in DC Jesse Minter's scheme. This is invaluable for his ability to get on the field as well as put his mates in the right position to make plays.
Back Up - Cole Moon

Georgia State cornerback Brent McClendon is looking to lead the secondary. Photo Courtesy of Paul Abell/Abell Images.

Left Cornerback
Starter - Brent McClendon - "Buck" is ready for a big year. He has looked strong this Spring is another guy the coaching staff can count on for leadership. McClendon fights for position and has had a solid career here.
Back Up - Jamal Ransby

Right Cornerback
Starter - Demarius Mathews - Mathews had a disappointing year in 2012 and needs to rebound this Fall. Really tough to do in a huge step up in competition. Demarius was a guy who opposing defenses went after plenty last season and he needs to be more of a playmaker or OC will light him up again.
Back Up - Nate Anthony

Free Safety
Starter - Rashad Stewart - Man, Rashad looks the part. He is a physical guy who is not afraid to stick his nose in there. The biggest thing that 'Shad needs to work on is being more consistent. He is a guy who may have to fight off some younger guys this summer and early in Fall practice but this will be his 5th year in college football after stops at Louisville and FCS Drake. Time to prove he can be an impact player in the back third.
Back Up - Arrington Jordan

Strong Safety
Starter - Kail Singleton - Kail is a former walk on who just is in the right position and plays hard. He is a guy who may not have the physical ability but just maximizes every opportunity. Singleton needs a strong summer but should be running with the ones when Fall camp opens.
Back Up - LaDarion Young

Those are my thoughts...what are yours? What position defensively do you feel the best about? Which position are you most concerned with?

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