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Five Who Could Be Drafted Next Year

The 2013 NFL Draft is in the books and no Georgia State football players were selected in any of the seven rounds. Late Saturday night, running back Donald Russell (Atlanta Falcons) and tight end Emmuanel Ogbuehi (Washington Redskins) were invited to take part in a rookie/free agent mini camp beginning next week.

Could Georgia State right tackle Grant King (taking on Alabama's Marcel Dareus) be the next Panther drafted by an NFL team? Photo Courtesy of GSU Sports Communications.

The 2012 Draft saw the Oakland Raiders take defensive tackle Christo Bilukidi with the 189th pick in the sixth round making history in the process. Bilukidi proved to be worthy of the pick as he made the team’s roster and registered eight tackles in 13 games last season. Linebacker Jake Muasau continued the GSU connection in the NFL when he signed a rookie free agent contract in May 2012 with the New York Giants. While Jake has yet to make it on the sideline for an NFL game, he is still a part of the practice roster and will have another opportunity this fall to make the active game day roster.

With the program in its fourth year of existence, this year’s roster features 24 scholarship Seniors, its largest single class. While there are certainly no locks for next year’s draft, these will be the players to keep an eye on next April in the late rounds:

WR Albert Wilson - 5’9, 195 lbs - Wilson flirted with the idea of leaving early after last season but wisely decided to return for his senior season. “Mr. Keep ‘em Froze’ has been the most explosive wide receiver by a wide margin due to his excellent breakaway speed. Even with the ever changing quarterback situation, Wilson has still managed to compile over 2,000 receiving yards and 15 touchdowns including a most impressive 19.4 yards per catch. The Panthers have not been an offense that throws a ton of deep balls and lots of Wilson’s yards have come after the catch. At 5’9 he will be undersized for the NFL and he has had some issues at times with drops, but he has elite speed giving him the potential to impress NFL scouts.

DE Theo Agnew - 6’4, 280 lbs – Agnew transferred in from UMASS before the beginning of last season and played all along the defensive line before settling in at DT due to a barrage of injuries. Theo has NFL size for a defensive end and has been extremely impressive in spring practice, but there is a stark difference between FBS offensive lines and a battered Panther OL in practice sessions. If Theo can continue to get into the backfield in Sun Belt competition on a consistent basis he will help his stock immensely and have a shot to impress NFL scouts.

NG Terrance Woodard - 6’4, 320 lbs – The MVP of the defense in 2012, Woodard was a bright spot on the defensive line that struggled mightily as the season wore on. With great size and a nose for clogging holes in the running lane, Woodard would love to follow Bilukidi’s footsteps and continue the defensive tackle pipeline.

RT Grant King - 6’5, 295 lbs – King is the only player in Panther football history to start all 33 games in the program’s history so far with 33 straight starts at right tackle. He has done a great job of adapting to different offenses including heavy shotgun spread sets with 2010 starter Drew Little, sprint option formations with Kelton Hill and power run sets with Donald Russell carrying the load. Grant has the versatility and the size to get more than a cursory look.

T Ulrick John - 6’8, 290 lbs – With his size Ulrick will be a guy that will be very intriguing to scouts on paper. John has played all along the offensive line but settled in at left tackle last season opposite Grant King and they helped plow the way for Donald Russell’s all-conference season in 2012. He is a fiery leader and with impressive showings against a very strong slate of pass rushing defensive ends could play himself onto an NFL roster.

Those are our thought, what are yours? Did we miss anyone who could make an NFL roster or be drafted?

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